Realisation Services - What are the Benefits to You?

A Large National Network - Harcourts International Ltd is the largest real estate group in New Zealand, the fastest growing real estate group in Australasia, and has the highest national preference for real estate agencies amongst homeowners in New Zealand (AC Nielsen April 2008). Harcourts can offer you superior real estate assistance throughout the country and in the few locations where there is no Harcourts branch we have developed strong working relationships with companies who replicate our high standards

A Sole Point Of Contact - simplifies the communication process. Instead of taking numerous calls for you to clarify a detail or get a property update, just one call to our central coordinator - whose role it is to be in constant contact with the office appointed to assist you with the property - can save you the time and trouble.

Real Estate Knowledge – We recognise that mortgagee and realisation sales are a specialised area of Real Estate, with a uniqueness not always fully understood by our industry. Any staff involved is made fully aware of the often delicate situations that may arise and are given the appropriate support and knowledge to work through the sale process.

Experience - This only comes from time, trial and error. It is this depth of experience that our clients find most beneficial. We have built a valuable knowledge of mortgagee and distressed sale protocols and procedures, and an awareness of the sensitive nature of the sales process. Few other companies can offer the depth of experience and knowledge that Harcourts can.

An Established Operation - For stability and proven success. It takes time to establish an experienced network of trusted salespeople and develop efficient procedures and systems such as ours. We are proud of our service and the excellent reputation we have built up and continue to build.

Saves Time and Money - when the chasing around is left to us. Continuous phone calls take time and cost money. We have developed standardised systems and procedures specific for mortgagee sales, and continually train salespeople in the use of them.

FREE SERVICE - We provide a highly efficient service, our network, our knowledge and expertise at no cost to you.