Hazardous Substances “HSNO”

All hazardous substances contained in a building or workplace are required to have approval under the HSNO Act. A hazardous substance is any substance that has one or more following intrinsic properties:

  • Explosiveness
  • Flammability
  • Ability to oxidise (accelerate a fire)
  • Human toxicity (acute or chronic)
  • Corrosiveness (to human tissue or metal)
  • Ecotoxicity (with or without bioaccumulation)
  • Capacity, on contact with air or water, to develop one or more of the above properties

If a tenant is storing hazardous substances, they must be approved to do so and their use is strictly controlled; aimed at minimising any risk from using, storing, transporting and disposing of the substance.

WorkSafe (the governing body under the HSWA) undertakes, on behalf of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) various functions under the HSNO Act including enforcement duties.

As a property owner, it is crucial from a health and safety and insurance-related perspective, to ensure you know whether hazardous substances are stored on your premises, and if so, whether they are being managed correctly.

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